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NFL Only

Take your NFL Fantasy and Betting skillset to the next level. These tools have won members millions of dollars in total winnings. 

Access all of our NFL Tools including Point Projections, Ownership Projections, Rankings, the Prop Betting Tool, the GPP Show, and more.


All Sports

All Sport Access

Receive access to all of the tools for every sport offered on Patreon. This includes tools for NFL, USFL, NBA, PGA, UFC, and potential future sports.

Receive exclusive access to Discord Tier 2 Benefits.

A detailed list of benefits is broken down on Patreon. Note: No Optimizers are offered in this tier.

NFL Only

Hall of Fame

Access to everything you need to increase your chances of winning across all sports. This includes exclusive access to all sports optimizers, Sunday Night Football Tools and Discord Tier 3 Benefits.

No other tier will receive these benefits. 

A detailed list of benefits is broken down on Patreon. 

Weekly Rankings

Accurately determine who is the right play for your lineups. Have you ever been stuck between two players for DFS or your fantasy lineup? Both seem like great options, but you can only choose one.

Our weekly rankings make that choice for you by factoring in important details to ensure your decision is the right one

Nba stats

Player Point Projections

What if I told you the game becomes much easier if you already know the likely outcome?

How is this possible you ask? By using our player performance predictions! Increase your chances of winning today by joining the team and accessing the projections.

Data Tools

Easily determine which players are in the best situations. These key stats show a player’s strengths & weaknesses, as well as their weekly matchup.

Our tools do an excellent job of adding context to a player’s projection and ranking.

Client Testimonials



Sal researches day and night to provide the most helpful NFL insight that I’ve ever seen. You can’t get this much good information in one place from anywhere else. Keep it up boss!

Simple, Easy, and Complete

Sal does a great job of getting you ready. You start your prep with the information you can only get from the hours of research he puts in, and then you succeed. Thanks for the hard work. For a full time working Joe, it gives me the info to prepare for sucess.

Most Thorough Content in the Business

Sal has to be the hardest working guy in the DFS sphere. The format lends to easy listening and I can follow along with my optimizer open and adjust on the fly. Thank you for all that you do, Sal!


The amount of information is fantastic. Great breakdowns and charts that make things so much easier.