About Sal Vetri

Hey, you made it! I’m Sal, it’s great to meet you.

I create content and tools for fantasy players and sports bettors like yourself. You may ask yourself:

 “Hey Sal, why do you do this?”

 It’s simple, I too am a fantasy player and sports bettor, just like you.

 I’ve been playing for 12 years total and after 9 years decided to share my experiences, learnings and tools with you. We started in a college dorm making videos that just 1 person was watching (thanks Momma Vetri) to connecting with thousands of you on a daily basis…

 Heck, 2 of you won $1 Million betting on fantasy sports in 2021 alone! Truly Amazing.

 I am thrilled for us to continue to interact moving forward. Big Energy will enable another outlet for you & I to stay in touch through written word.

Be sure to hit me up in Discord If you ever have a question you needed answered!

Sal Vetri
Big Energy Sports

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This channel is all about providing high quality, entertaining and useful information to all fantasy sports players + sports bettors.